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New York, NY - June 30, 2012

GMBTW Launches Beta Test at Staffing Show

October 10, 2011, a Recruitment Platform For Hourly Wage Workers, Flips Job Board Model On Its Head & Gains Rapid Acceptance

Platform offers new process for the 12.7 million unemployed to get back to work

New York, NY - June 30, 2012, a revolutionary platform for finding and hiring the hourly wage worker, is rapidly gaining acceptance and applicants in its launch states of New York, Louisiana, and Alabama, demonstrating that the 12.7 million Americans that are currently unemployed are hungry for a new way to get hired.

While most online job boards and applications are focused on the professional and corporate arena, the model focuses on getting the American worker, the hourly wage earner, back to work. Today the hourly wage worker faces a hiring process that is archaic at best. Riddled with paper applications, hit or miss classified ads, and job boards that require an application for each job opportunity, the hourly wage workforce and its hiring managers are desperate for a better way. allows the hourly wage worker to apply one time to a universal application, so they can be found by hiring managers searching for candidates on the platform. Hiring managers are able to search for candidates by keywords such as industry, shift and location, empowering hiring managers with rapid access to candidates... Read More

GMBTW Launches Beta Test at Staffing Show

October 10, 2012

What is the problem?

Job boards are limiting. Companies have to sum up what they want in an employee and are limited to those that apply. Candidates are only considered for a limited number of opportunities.

What is the solution?

Get Me Back to Work highlights the people – not the positions. We know that hiring managers and business owners are thepeople that know what they want and need for their business.

We are restoring choice by organizing thepeople that need jobs and having a “go to” place for those looking for them. Our search tools and capabilities give more choice, but at the same time make finding a candidate easier than ever.

Sound bytes we love:

“It is not about a resume, or a list of tasks, it is about people.”

“Employees and the opportunity for success are far greater than bullet points on a resume. Job candidates deserve to have their total story told, Employers deserve to know the many dimensions of their potential employee to understand if and how they can succeed within their organization."... Read More